Credit Application

Thank you for your interest in opening a charge account with STS Trailer, Truck, and Equipment.

Be sure the credit application is completely filled out.

Please include your business email address on the credit application.

Incomplete and unsigned credit applications will NOT be processed.
Approval will depend on how quickly the listed trade references respond to our inquiries.
If you have any questions, please feel free to call us.


  • Indicate the credit amount for which you are applying.
  • Include email, phone and fax numbers for all trade references. The preferred method
    to reach all trade references is via email. Trade references must be vendors, do not
    use banks, credit unions, finance companies, or mortgage companies. These
    businesses will not provide credit information.
  • Sign the bottom of the application. Page 2 must be completed and signed at the top
    on all credit applications. If Personal Guaranty are not signed it will limit your credit
    limit to $2500.

Credit Account Policy

Net 30 days from date of invoice for parts, service and rental purchases.


Trailer Sales

Truck Equipment

Past Due Accounts

****Finance Charges will be applied to all past due accounts.
****Accounts that are 60 days past due will automatically be placed on “CASH ONLY” status.
Once current,the account will be re-evaluated forfurther extension of credit.
Atthe discretion of our Credit Department account status may be changed at any time.

Apply for Credit Account

Credit Application

Billing Information

Shipping Information

Principal/Owner of Business

Trade References

Applicant’s Signature attests financial responsibility, ability, and willingness to pay our invoice in accordance with terms and authorizes investigation of all statements contained in this application concerning credit histories. Terms: As specified by invoice service charge of 1½% per month on all overdue balances (which will include any prior unpaid service charge). Overdue accounts may be referred to any attorney for collection and if suit is commenced, customer agrees to pay reasonable attorney’s fees.

Any misrepresentation in this application will be considered evidence of fraud, since this information is the basis for extending credit. As an inducement to grant credit, the undersigned warrants that the information submitted is true and correct. You are authorized to investigate the credit references and principals listed.

Personal Guaranty to STS Trailer, Truck, and Equipment (Applications received without Personal Guaranty will be limited to $2,500 on account.)

In consideration for STS Trailer, Truck, and Equipment extending credit to the business identified below for any materials and/or services after this date at the request of applicants or its agents, the undersigned individual hereby personally guarantees unconditionally and irrevocably the prompt payment of any sums now or hereafter owed to STS Trailer, Truck, and Equipment by the business identified below whether said sums are due under open account, contract or otherwise.

It is understood and agreed that credit, if extended, is to be on a continuing basis and may exceed estimated maximum credit limit required as stated in the credit agreement STS Trailer, Truck, and Equipment shall not be obligated to notify the undersigned of the dates or amounts of any such credit and the undersigned waives demand, notice of default and any extension of time or any other forbearance which may be extended by STS Trailer, Truck, and Equipment.

The guaranty shall continue in force until notice in writing, sent by registered or certified mail, return receipt requested is received by STS Trailer, Truck, and Equipment. Said notice shall specify the date on which this guaranty is to be terminated; said date not to be less than seven days after such notice is received. Such termination shall in no way release the undersigned as to any sum or debt incurred prior to such termination.